Taking Sacred Space

The demarcation of sacred space is an incredibly important part of most ritual aspects of Fyrnsidu. Methods of setting aside that space are greatly varied and some modern methods have less historical veracity. The method I use to demarcate outdoor sacred space is circumambulation with a torch.

Circle the wigbed with a lit oak torch. At each of the cardinal corners strike a blow on the torch to give a good knock after certain of these words:

May the gods guide us, (Knock)
May our oaths keep us, (Knock)
May our deeds free us, (Knock)
May our ancestors aid us always. (Knock)
May the gods banish from this land and wood all ill and wrong,
Hallow this space, shield this area from all baneful wights,
Let the gods’ blessing be over our heads!
(If you have a main fire, now use the torch to light it)

Instead of knocking the torch you could raise it up higher.

This ritual is based on Lacnunga 133. The wording has been translated from Latin and Old English using Pollington’s translation in his Leechcraft. Due to the Christianized nature of the original material changes had to be made to reheathen the ritual.



Pollington, Stephen. Leechcraft: Early English Charms, Plant Lore, and Healing. Norfolk, England: Anglo-Saxon Books, 2000.


12 thoughts on “Taking Sacred Space

  1. I love this ritual! I’ve been kinda ‘winging’ my Hallowing during Hearth Cult for a while ever since I learned that my old Hallowing chant was written by a very unsavoury fellow. Would you mind if I modify this slightly for my (indoor) hearth cult rituals for the Hallowing? The modifications would mainly be using a candle instead of a torch and changing ‘this land and wood’ to ‘this place’.


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