Modraniht, Mother’s Night (Ritual)

This is a personal ceremony I designed for my Modraniht observances. It requires some sort of offering and three candles. (The three candles should ideally be: a well-used stub, a partially used candle, and an unlit candle. For best use, use the mother’s candle this year for fore-mother’s next year and the daughter candle from this year for the mother’s candle next year.)

(Start with the most well used candle already lit.)

Tonight I call out to you to join me in celebration. I call you this night to join me in remembrance.

(You should call out to your individual matronae now.)

We have all lost loved ones, mothers and grandmothers in our years.
Their hands guided the strands of our wyrd; they shaped our Orlæg (Orlog).
The goddesses too have their place with us tonight as they guide us all.

Tonight is Mother’s night, tonight we remember
Our mothers, grandmothers, who to sheltered us here
Listening to them spin tales next to dying ember’
Tonight, we once again lend them our ear

Four rounds we take, with the flame
We pass the fire like stories and knowledge
We pass the fire from generation to the next

Once round first for the old ones with the burnt stub
So well used tis only a small nub
For our foremothers, we give thanks

(Circle around with the first lit candle.)

Second, for the mothers who here or not,
Have us so much given and taught
For our mothers, tonight we give thanks

(Use first candle to light the second. Circle around with the second lit candle.)

Third, one candle brand new, never lit
For daughters who one day beside a hearth will sit
For our daughters, now and future, we give thanks

(Use second candle to light the third. Circle around with the third candle.)

Remember the goddesses, for candles three
Weaving and spinning together your family tree
Tonight, give thanks to all mothers come and gone
as we await the rising of the new dawn.

(Put out an offering for your matronae. I use small cakes I baked for the occasion but some grain would do nicely.)

* Take some time to quietly remember your mother(s), grandmothers, great-grandmothers, and any matronae you have in your family, all your fore-mothers. When you are done, thank them once more and snuff the candles out. Leave the offering out over night and dispose of it in the morning.

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