On Sneetches and Oaths

Now the oath bellied sneetches had made all manner of oath

But the plain bellied sneetches were of the idea quite loath.

For many long years the plain bellied sneetches were told rather directly

By many that to not have oaths would leave them rather ineffectually

Struggling to make relationships with the gods of the sneetch

Or so it was what many of the oath bellies did say and preach.

They said that it was necessary to go the distance, to reach some hard goal

And to not have those oaths that the plain-bellies just weren’t whole

That the oaths got them places, down paths the plain bellies couldn’t go

But where that was, without the oath they just would never know.

But the plain bellied sneetches said that the oaths were not needed

And that their relationships with the gods were not the least impeded

That oaths are just words, that actions and deeds are what’s required

That relationships with gods were built over time not through oath acquired

If they did everything the oath bellies did then why should the oath change things

That the gods spoke to them just the same, listened to their prayers take wings

That they built relationships with the gods just as deep and just as strong

And they were just as true to them and it was bad to make them feel wrong

For choosing to act and offer towards the gods on their own volition

Not because of having taken up some kind of bound duty or oathed condition.

Is there value in an oath? Sure, that’s plain for anyone to see

But the value of the oath is placed there by the devotee

The oath by itself doesn’t make anyone closer to the gods or in any way better

And not making an oath doesn’t stop you, slow you, or hinder you in a fetter

Oaths do not open doors and not having them doesn’t close them shut

Oaths are not some kind of magical god-reaching shortcut

They don’t start listening with an oath and they don’t stop without one

And that brings us now right back to where we have begun

There are two types of sneetches, oath bellies and plain bellies and you know?

They are no better or worse, they are equal, from heart and soul, from head to toe.

And they both love the gods just as much, and both do the same actions

So after a while it seemed silly to have separated them into factions

So they came together hand in hand, with oath and without

To worship the gods together, as they were equally devout.

sneetches together after

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