Thunorblot – a Blot to Thunor

This is a blot to Thunor. If you are a Norse heathen you can just say Thor and Midgard instead because it won’t mess up any of the rhymes.

May the gods guide us,
May our oaths keep us,
May our deeds free us,
May our ancestors aid us always.
May the gods banish from this land and wood all ill and wrong,
Hallow this space; shield this area from all baneful wights,
Let the gods’ blessing be over our heads!

(light central fire)

The oak stands old, tall, and proud,
All around, thunder rumbling aloud
Its hard wood and acorn a blessing
From the gods on mankind, joy to bring.

Hail to thee, Thunor, god of thunder, god of the oak
Welcome to thee, Thunor, protector of all these folk

You who wield the lightning, Hail!
Thunderer, roarer, striker, Hail!
Wyrmsbane and slayer of ettins, Hail!
Son of Eorþe, Hail!
Guardian of Middangeard, Hail!
You who are the strongest of the gods, Hail!
Protector of mankind, Hail!
Hail to thee, and welcome, Thunor.

You folk do know of the mighty Thunor
For his lore has reached from far off shore
And we do now know and tell his stories
And learn of all his tales and glories

About the serpent that he did seek to catch
When the ox head on hook did it snatch
That he did pull with all his godly might
And seek the world serpent to land and fight

His line was cut and the beast did sink
But it had brought us right to the brink
For the wyrm is mighty in its own way
And that is a fight we would do well to delay

Thunor who is the strongest of the gods
With the etins, our foes, he is at odds
Protector of men, we do you now entreat
Guardian of Middangeard, we do you now greet

(Get the horn)

Join us now, mighty Thunor and hear our call
Guard our homes, each and every hall
Protect us, your folk, as best that you may
And for that we raise the horn to you today.

(Hammer Blessing Ritual)
Many of our folk have taken to wearing the hammer of Thunor, known as Mjolnir tot he Norse, around their necks. That symbol of strength is a reminder to many of the path we have chosen to walk as well as an amulet of protection for those who wear it. I would like to offer those here today that if they choose, they could have their hammer amulets blessed. Those who do not wear the hammer are also welcome.

(To one person)
Would you ______ come to the Horgr to accept the blessings of Thunor?
(I will)
_____ approaches this Horgr; Thunor, hallow, protect, and bless
As they wear this hammer, let it be an outward sign of inner power
            (Alternate line for those without hammers:)
As they go through their day, let them be filled with inner power)

Let them have the strength to use the tools that they already possess
Let them have the courage and will to face their path, not to cower
Help guide them from harm that they may leave the path of danger
and when they cannot avoid it entirely, shield them from the most
_____, do not forget Thunor in this, do not treat him as you would a stranger
Think on these gifts and blessings and offer to him well and to him toast

Repeat after me:
Thunor, thundering god,
(Thunor, thundering god,)
Guide me and guard me
(Guide me and guard me)
Lend me your strength at my weakest
(Lend me your strength at my weakest)
And help me find the strength in myself
(And help me find the strength in myself)

(Pass them the mead horn)

Hail Thunor!
(Hail Thunor!)

(They hail and drink)

(With the Bowl, bless the hammer and the person)
May Thunor guard, ward, guide, and bless you this day
And also lend you the strength your own troubles to slay
(Mark with the ᚣ rune)

(Optional: Pass the horn around the whole circle now)
Toast to Thunor if you would care to praise
Take this mead horn and give it a raise

(When the horn returns or if you never sent it around)

Great and mighty Thunor, guardian over mankind and all the earth,
Lend your protection and strength to these folk here gathered.
Hallow this wigbed and look kindly on those here, ward our homes,
That we might live in safety from all that would seek us harm.
In return, let us hold you on high, Thunderer, and offer to you.

From the gods, to the earth, to us
From us, to the earth, to the gods
(Pour offering)
A gift has been given, may it be well received

So let it be.


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