A Mighty Fortress is Asgard

1. A mighty fortress is Asgard,
a bulwark never failing;
Though many thurs have left it scarred
Its ever more prevailing.
But still our ancient foe
does seek to work us woe;
Their craft and power are great,
and armed with cruel hate,
That walls more than their equal.

2. The Thurs await the end of days
Their chaos they would sow
To end the world in fiery blaze
And into darkness throw.
But rise the godly tide
And force the Thurs to hide
The gods will put a stop
To their chaotic plot
The gods shall rule forever.

3. And though the world is danger filled,
And threatens to undo us,
we will not fear, the gods have willed
Their order will preserve us.
The rising of the sun
A promise to us all
A new day is begun
Her light upon us fall
And hope we ever shall find.

4. That world above all earthly powers
Our thanks to them who dwell there
the gift of protection is ours
through gods who for us care.
Let kin and kindred know,
the world outside also;
The gods are there for all
And we do hear their call
O Asgard is forever!

To the tune of the 1529 hymn and melody “Ein feste Burg” by none other than Martin Luther. The 1853 English version “A Mighty Fortress is our God” by Frederick H. Hedge.

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