The Gods are Calling

1. Once temples and shrines were every place
In groves rang out our song
But then they came our ways to earase
Because they thought us wrong

2. They broke our bowls and chopped our trees
Killed those who would not yield
They brought the old ways to their knees
You’d think that fate was sealed

3. An unbroken path our forebears walked
But now it broken lay
And though many think it lost and blocked
The gods will show the way

4. The gods are calling out to you
As they once called to me
Though I was blind, I never knew
Until I learned to see

5. We will rebuild what once was gone
Though oft the way is hard
May gods grant us the will to go on
Our way shall not be barred.

To the tune of the hymn “Amazing Grace” by John Newton in 1779 and set in 1835 to the melody “New Britain”.

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