Fyrnsidu is a reconstructed religion. Essentially, the religion of the ancient Anglo-Saxons died out as those peoples were converted to Christianity. Because it ceased to exist, we are reconstructing it as best we can.

These are concepts that I feel are core to Fyrnsidu and these are my attempts to explain them to the best of my ability.

Do ut des: the act of offering to the gods in the hopes of maintaining a reciprocal relationship of gifting with them in which they may bless you in some way in return for your continued devotion and offerings.

Wyrd: your fate, specifically how your actions and the actions of others affect your future.

Orlæg: your fate that has already come to pass, specifically how actions outside of your control (upbringing, ancestors, parents actions) have shaped your wyrd as it is currently unfolding.

Mægen: your (physical and metaphysical) strength and life-force, specifically that which is associated with your continued being.

Spēd: the form of the blessings we receive from the gods for our worship of them; be they in the form of success, favor, faculty, ability, opportunity, etc.