Wassail – A History, Ritual, and Recipe

The tradition of wassailing is old and very English. It took place in winter, usually sometime near the New Year or near Twelfth Night but the dates vary by region so there's really no one right night to wassail. It was and indeed is a folkloric custom that survived and persisted all the way into … Continue reading Wassail – A History, Ritual, and Recipe

Eostre & Ostara, We Need to Have a Talk

So here is the deal, we need to talk about Eostre. Every single year it would seem we run the gamut of people not only being woefully ill-informed and spreading misinformation but also people debunking misinformation. But the problem with this is that you also have overzealous debunkers who throw the good out with the … Continue reading Eostre & Ostara, We Need to Have a Talk

Yule – Tis the Season

Yule falls every year essentially on the winter solstice. The evening before would technically begin Yule as time was reckoned differently on the evenings and not on the mornings as can be seen on holdovers like "Christmas eve". Yule proper would then encompass the entire night before and day of. While this is the official … Continue reading Yule – Tis the Season