Order Versus Chaos

Chaos and Order are concepts which underpin religion. There is a deep-rooted belief in Chaos and Order that appears to be a commonality among Indo-European religions. Germanic paganism is no exception. Cosmogical Chaos is different from any chaos you’re familiar with. There is almost a devaluation of what constitutes chaos in our society. However, Chaos … Continue reading Order Versus Chaos

Blood Sacrifice

The blood is the least important part of a blood sacrifice. There is no inherent magic in the blood of an animal spilled for sacrifice. There is no inherent magic in the blood of anything spilled in sacrifice. Now that you’re listening and I have your interest piqued, because let’s face it that is not … Continue reading Blood Sacrifice

Polytheism and Interpretatio

Something that comes up frequently in polytheist circles is how to tackle the issue of the nature of the gods when there is such a diversity of gods out there and yet upon examination many seem similar. Part of the discussion invariably turns to what is polytheism. Monism, otherwise sometimes called “soft” polytheism, is the … Continue reading Polytheism and Interpretatio

A Heathen Book List

The Poetic Edda The usefulness of this should be obvious. This is one of our best sources for the myths of the Norse. I would consider this important reading regardless of the variety of heathenry you practice. Henry Adams Bellows Translation Free Online https://www.sacred-texts.com/neu/poe/index.htm Henry Adams Bellows Translation Volume I https://www.amazon.com/Poetic-Edda-Mythological-Poems/dp/0486437108/ Henry Adams Bellows Translation … Continue reading A Heathen Book List

Unverified Personal Gnosis (UPG)

Our religion is a living religion, our gods are living gods. Because of this it is our belief that the gods speak to people, that they are active in the lives of those who form relationships with them. They send us messages and signs, they respond to prayers, they visit us with dreams and visions; … Continue reading Unverified Personal Gnosis (UPG)

Not Beyond Good and Evil

Evil, and for that matter Good in the same way, is not an imposition of an outside culture onto Germanic peoples. Germanic peoples had a native concept of Good and Evil. Let's break this down. Good and Evil are Germanic words. They aren't coming into our language from Latin or Greek or French. Those words … Continue reading Not Beyond Good and Evil


Propitiation is a concept in paganism that does not receive the discussion it deserves. You see we do a fairly alright job of describing the gifting cycle and those concepts regarding offering. We know that as we gift a friendly god we build a relationship of reciprocal gifting with them that increases over time. But … Continue reading Propitiation