Home Blessing Ritual

This ritual is intended to be a home blessing as well as an invitation to form a relationship with a hearth god or goddess. I have known people who have utilized various goddesses for the role of hearth goddess so I am unwilling to place just one in the ritual so I leave it up … Continue reading Home Blessing Ritual

Modraniht, Mother’s Night (Ritual)

This is a personal ceremony I designed for my Modraniht observances. It requires some sort of offering and three candles. (The three candles should ideally be: a well-used stub, a partially used candle, and an unlit candle. For best use, use the mother’s candle this year for fore-mother’s next year and the daughter candle from … Continue reading Modraniht, Mother’s Night (Ritual)


Propitiation is a concept in paganism that does not receive the discussion it deserves. You see we do a fairly alright job of describing the gifting cycle and those concepts regarding offering. We know that as we gift a friendly god we build a relationship of reciprocal gifting with them that increases over time. But … Continue reading Propitiation

Taking Sacred Space

The demarcation of sacred space is an incredibly important part of most ritual aspects of Fyrnsidu. Methods of setting aside that space are greatly varied and some modern methods have less historical veracity. The method I use to demarcate outdoor sacred space is circumambulation with a torch. Circle the wigbed with a lit oak torch. … Continue reading Taking Sacred Space

Midsummer – Liþa

Midsummer, the summer solstice, the longest day and the shortest night of the whole year. For heathens, Midsummer is one of the most auspicious tides we can celebrate throughout the year. We follow a natural religion in many ways, one that concerns itself with the turning of the seasons and the flow of the year. … Continue reading Midsummer – Liþa

The Ritual Power of Horses

Horses were among the most sacred animals to the ancient heathens. Testament to this fact was their nearly ubiquitous use in burial goods and sacrifices. Admonishments against eating horse flesh appear in a papal ban on the practice by Gregory III. The purpose of the ban was to ultimately enlighten the Germanic pagans. It falls … Continue reading The Ritual Power of Horses