Other Blogs of Interest

There are many blogs related to Fyrnsidu and heathenry in general that are worthwhile to pay a visit to. The ones listed below are however some of my personal favorites and would be great places to check out if you haven’t already.

The Longship is a project oriented at making heathenry more accessible and better understood. They are an excellent resource for beginners and a refresher for more experienced heathens. If you are brand new, check here first.

The Larhus is a project that was intended to be a baseline for specifically Anglo-Saxon heathenry. It was just this, a baseline, a starting point for reconstruction. And it was an excellent starting point indeed. If you are interested in beginning down the path of Fyrnsidu, the Larhus is a great place to start.

One of the same minds that brought you the Larhus brings you Sundorwic. Wodgar here expands on his personal practices beyond the confines of the Larhus. He explores his hearth cult as it evolves and as he adds and expands his personal praxis. He is well worth a visit.

The other half of the Larhus brings you Of Axe and Plough. Of Axe and Plough is often a philosophical deep look at polytheistic poderings. Recently there has been an offshoot of this blog onto a podcast, called the Plough-share and it is well worth a listen as well.

Mine Wyrtruman is an Anglo-Saxon blog that is run by Byron. He is also the author of an awesome rune app in the Google play store called Runetyper.