Woden Bluegrass

I was born about ten billion years agoThere ain't nothin' in this world that I don't knowI hung on the world tree, with only one eye to seeAnd I can whip the man that says it isn't so Do you know my name? I reckon you don't knowI've had more than directions wind can blowSome … Continue reading Woden Bluegrass

Nerthus – What do we really know?

Let’s talk Nerthus, one of the more pondered and enigmatic goddesses that Germanic paganism has. Before we go too far into things we really need to discuss the original source material for understanding Nerthus, or should I say Nerthum since that is what is actually written in the source. The source for Nerthus is Tacitus’ … Continue reading Nerthus – What do we really know?


This is a work in progress, I will return to finish it soon but it has taken far too long already and it is good enough for the moment. Name, Pronunciation, & Meaning: Tiw, pronounced /tiːw/ (IPA), carries a meaning of “god”. Tiw comes to Old English by way of the Proto-Germanic *Tīwaz which comes … Continue reading Tiw

‘Twas the Night Before Yule

'Twas the night before Yule, and all through the houseNot a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;The children were tucked into bed with great care,They lay hoping that Woden soon would be there; Cookies and milk were left out for Father Yule,Because it is said that a gift for a gift is the rule.The … Continue reading ‘Twas the Night Before Yule

Æled – An Anglo-Saxon Fire God

Name, Pronunciation, & Meaning: Æled, pronounced /ˈæː.led/ (IPA), means fire. But it isn’t a familiar word for us because our modern English word for fire descends from a completely different root. You know that old adage about how the inuit people have so many terms for snow? Well, there are a whole lot of words … Continue reading Æled – An Anglo-Saxon Fire God

You are as grain

Beorn sat, quietly crying, by the bed of his grandfather. He was no more than nine but he had been given the job of watching after his grandfather this day. His family had known he had been dying for days and so everyone had taken their turns sitting with him. He had been asleep for … Continue reading You are as grain