You are as grain

Beorn sat, quietly crying, by the bed of his grandfather. He was no more than nine but he had been given the job of watching after his grandfather this day. His family had known he had been dying for days and so everyone had taken their turns sitting with him. He had been asleep for … Continue reading You are as grain

When it’s your time, come and find me

1. When I close my eyes on this world, seen all there was to seeThrough the mists I come onto a path worn fairAnd following it, it leads me to lands bright and evergreenWhen it's your time, come and find me, I'll be there When it's your time, come and find meWhen it's your time, … Continue reading When it’s your time, come and find me

Eortheblot – a Blot for Eorthe

This ritual is intended to be performed in Solmōnaþ (essentially, in February). Some of the concepts in this blot may be very familiar to you if you have any experience with Ash Wednesday. Ash Wednesday is the day that Christians, especially some Catholics, contemplate their own mortality and the ephemerality of life. Ash Wednesday has … Continue reading Eortheblot – a Blot for Eorthe

Get your Gehenna out of my Hell

Hell is not a Christian word. Hell is not a Christian place. The word Hell is derived from Germanic etymology and comes to our vocabulary through Old English.[i] And yet it is conflated to be the “bad place” for the Christians who speak English. Now it is not as though there is no “bad place” … Continue reading Get your Gehenna out of my Hell

The Well-Worn Path to Hell

Arwald, King of Witwara, lay dying. His men had been routed and his people ran if they were to live. The air smelled of metal, the earth under him provided no comfort. The battle would never have been won, it was inevitable, but to have submitted would have meant death regardless and an end to … Continue reading The Well-Worn Path to Hell