Against the Sassites

Every Easter, Midsummer, and Yule a very curious and indeed annoying thing happens. From seemingly every corner these three times a year in particular a small but vocal cohort of heathenry crops up to tell everyone they’re doing it wrong – enter the Sassites. The Sassites follow a peculiarly restrictive and seemingly joyless vision of … Continue reading Against the Sassites

Eosturmonaþ – a Blot for Eostre

This blot is intended to be performed around Easter for Eostre. It is an updated version that will divide my old Eostre ritual into two rituals. This part is for Eostre. (Hallowing) May the gods guide us, May our oaths keep us, May our deeds free us, May our ancestors aid us always. May the … Continue reading Eosturmonaþ – a Blot for Eostre