This is a work in progress, I will return to finish it soon but it has taken far too long already and it is good enough for the moment. Name, Pronunciation, & Meaning: Tiw, pronounced /tiːw/ (IPA), carries a meaning of “god”. Tiw comes to Old English by way of the Proto-Germanic *Tīwaz which comes … Continue reading Tiw

Æled – An Anglo-Saxon Fire God

Name, Pronunciation, & Meaning: Æled, pronounced /ˈæː.led/ (IPA), means fire. But it isn’t a familiar word for us because our modern English word for fire descends from a completely different root. You know that old adage about how the inuit people have so many terms for snow? Well, there are a whole lot of words … Continue reading Æled – An Anglo-Saxon Fire God

You are as grain

Beorn sat, quietly crying, by the bed of his grandfather. He was no more than nine but he had been given the job of watching after his grandfather this day. His family had known he had been dying for days and so everyone had taken their turns sitting with him. He had been asleep for … Continue reading You are as grain

Be Thou my Gods

Be thou my Vision, O Sunne my sunShine down on us your light till day is doneYour light brings us life and fills us with joyDaily you rise the dark to destroy. Be thou my Rhythm, O Mona my moon,Marking your movements keeps our months in tuneTime keeper of gods, you mark steady flowOf passing … Continue reading Be Thou my Gods

Helheim is Waiting

1. Blessed assurance, I have been toldA land awaits me tho sick or oldWe have been promised, for us a new lifeFree from our troubles, free from our strife. This is our promise, a promise to allHellheim is waiting for those that callThis is our promise, a promise to allHellheim is waiting for those that … Continue reading Helheim is Waiting

Down to the River

As I went down to the river to prayFollowing on that ancient wayI feel their calls from all aroundGood gods, show me the way O sisters, let's go downLet's go down, come on downO sisters, let's go downDown to the river to pray As I went down to the river to prayFollowing on that ancient … Continue reading Down to the River

The Gods are Calling

1. Once temples and shrines were every placeIn groves rang out our songBut then they came our ways to earaseBecause they thought us wrong 2. They broke our bowls and chopped our treesKilled those who would not yieldThey brought the old ways to their kneesYou'd think that fate was sealed 3. An unbroken path our … Continue reading The Gods are Calling

Sleep Bear Me Away

Our radiant Sol is sinking fastHer day is nearly doneThe shadows all around are castThe long night has begun Oh come, starry skyCome and shine on from highSleep bear me away on midnight wingsFor I can wake no moreSleep bear me away on midnight wingsFor I can wake no more The Moon is rising in … Continue reading Sleep Bear Me Away

Heathen Hymns

Hymns are an important part of what makes up the idea of religious culture for many people. Those old, OLD church hymns are an indelible part of my childhood and early upbringing. And indeed; I miss hymns, I miss church music, and I know I'm not alone. But we don't have to give these things … Continue reading Heathen Hymns

Hammer of Thor, Swung for Me

1. Hammer of Thur, swung for meLet me shield myself with theeMighty Thur in heaven highRumbling 'cross the starry skyHammer raised you fight your foeStriking hard with lightning glow 2. We to thee an offering bringThis hymn to you we singIn the pow'r of thy voiceThunderously the sky rejoiceStrike a blow to all that's wrongAs … Continue reading Hammer of Thor, Swung for Me