Hammer of Thor, Swung for Me

1. Hammer of Thur, swung for meLet me shield myself with theeMighty Thur in heaven highRumbling 'cross the starry skyHammer raised you fight your foeStriking hard with lightning glow 2. We to thee an offering bringThis hymn to you we singIn the pow'r of thy voiceThunderously the sky rejoiceStrike a blow to all that's wrongAs … Continue reading Hammer of Thor, Swung for Me

A Mighty Fortress is Asgard

1. A mighty fortress is Asgard,a bulwark never failing;Though many thurs have left it scarredIts ever more prevailing.But still our ancient foedoes seek to work us woe;Their craft and power are great,and armed with cruel hate,That walls more than their equal. 2. The Thurs await the end of daysTheir chaos they would sowTo end the … Continue reading A Mighty Fortress is Asgard

In the Garden of Eorthe

1. I come for a walk in the garden,While the dew is still on the roses;And the voice I hear, falling on my ear,The Mother Earth discloses. And she walks with me, and she talks with me,And she tells me I am her own,And the joy we share as we tarry there,Admiring what she has … Continue reading In the Garden of Eorthe

When it’s your time, come and find me

1. When I close my eyes on this world, seen all there was to seeThrough the mists I come onto a path worn fairAnd following it, it leads me to lands bright and evergreenWhen it's your time, come and find me, I'll be there When it's your time, come and find meWhen it's your time, … Continue reading When it’s your time, come and find me

Beowulf the Hero

1. Great heroes of past days, great heroes now goneLike Beowulf, strongest of muscles and brawnWho ripped Grendels arm from his socket to dieProtecting Herot, hall of Hrothgar on high. Beowulf, BeowulfLet the earth sing his deedsBeowulf, BeowulfNow raise up thy meads!Cattle die, kinsmen die, as we all too must goBut remembered forever for deeds … Continue reading Beowulf the Hero

Order Versus Chaos

Chaos and Order are concepts which underpin religion. There is a deep-rooted belief in Chaos and Order that appears to be a commonality among Indo-European religions. Germanic paganism is no exception. Cosmogical Chaos is different from any chaos you’re familiar with. There is almost a devaluation of what constitutes chaos in our society. However, Chaos … Continue reading Order Versus Chaos

Wassail – A History, Ritual, and Recipe

The tradition of wassailing is old and very English. It took place in winter, usually sometime near the New Year or near Twelfth Night but the dates vary by region so there's really no one right night to wassail. It was and indeed is a folkloric custom that survived and persisted all the way into … Continue reading Wassail – A History, Ritual, and Recipe

Blood Sacrifice

The blood is the least important part of a blood sacrifice. There is no inherent magic in the blood of an animal spilled for sacrifice. There is no inherent magic in the blood of anything spilled in sacrifice. Now that you’re listening and I have your interest piqued, because let’s face it that is not … Continue reading Blood Sacrifice

Against the Sassites

Every Easter, Midsummer, and Yule a very curious and indeed annoying thing happens. From seemingly every corner these three times a year in particular a small but vocal cohort of heathenry crops up to tell everyone they’re doing it wrong – enter the Sassites. The Sassites follow a peculiarly restrictive and seemingly joyless vision of … Continue reading Against the Sassites

Climate-Change and Mythology

It is time we rethink our view of the myths of the North with the climate of the time in mind. For that matter, we should rethink the myths of Rome, Greece, Egypt and indeed Israel with the climate of the time as well.