The Swastika: There is Nothing to Reclaim

So if you've been around pagan circles long enough you've heard people talking about reclaiming symbols from racists. Inevitably you've probably heard someone bemoan that the racists made the swastika off limits and wish they could "take it back". I'm here to inform you that there's nothing to take back, that all the importance you … Continue reading The Swastika: There is Nothing to Reclaim

The Heathen and Historigraphy

Historians are often products of their time. The historical writings of those living in the 1700’s take on the flavor of that time, the 1800’s much the same. There are flavors of historians like there are flavors of ice-cream, and each of those historians will take on their subject through different lenses. If you took … Continue reading The Heathen and Historigraphy