Hammer of Thor, Swung for Me

1. Hammer of Thur, swung for meLet me shield myself with theeMighty Thur in heaven highRumbling 'cross the starry skyHammer raised you fight your foeStriking hard with lightning glow 2. We to thee an offering bringThis hymn to you we singIn the pow'r of thy voiceThunderously the sky rejoiceStrike a blow to all that's wrongAs … Continue reading Hammer of Thor, Swung for Me

Thunorblot – a Blot to Thunor

This is a blot to Thunor. If you are a Norse heathen you can just say Thor and Midgard instead because it won't mess up any of the rhymes. (Hallowing) May the gods guide us, May our oaths keep us, May our deeds free us, May our ancestors aid us always. May the gods banish … Continue reading Thunorblot – a Blot to Thunor