The Swastika: There is Nothing to Reclaim

So if you've been around pagan circles long enough you've heard people talking about reclaiming symbols from racists. Inevitably you've probably heard someone bemoan that the racists made the swastika off limits and wish they could "take it back". I'm here to inform you that there's nothing to take back, that all the importance you … Continue reading The Swastika: There is Nothing to Reclaim

Let’s talk Declaration 127

Declaration 127 has become kind of a shorthand for inclusive heathenry. Heathen folks are essentially using it as a catch all for anything that would not be considered racist or sexist or whatever. That is a problem. From the perspective of acting like a contract, Declaration 127 is really incredibly weak. What you sign on … Continue reading Let’s talk Declaration 127

Runes – the Good the Bad and the Ugly

The runes present a major problem in heathenry and paganism in general that most people are not even aware of. Let me put it like this, the runes suffer from the same issue as any part of religious ideology in that once you have formed your opinions on them they are very difficult to adjust … Continue reading Runes – the Good the Bad and the Ugly

Why are Racists Attracted to Heathenry?

Heathenry has a racism problem. But it's deeper than that. We have a bad habit of trying to classify ourselves into three categories of heathens: Universalist, Tribalist, and Folkish. But by making these categories (themselves deeply flawed and a false trichotomy) we have allowed race to be conflated with Heathenry. By saying "I'm a Universalist", … Continue reading Why are Racists Attracted to Heathenry?