Hammer of Thor, Swung for Me

1. Hammer of Thur, swung for me
Let me shield myself with thee
Mighty Thur in heaven high
Rumbling ‘cross the starry sky
Hammer raised you fight your foe
Striking hard with lightning glow

2. We to thee an offering bring
This hymn to you we sing
In the pow’r of thy voice
Thunderously the sky rejoice
Strike a blow to all that’s wrong
As we sing this victory song

3. Gray clouds above us spread
A flash so bright goes over head
Brightly shining bolt of light
Rumble of his furious might
Booming out a sacred call
In valleys deep and mountains tall

4. There are none you don’t protect
There are none who you neglect
Protector of this earth so fair
Thur your name we offer prayer
That your strength shall never fail
That you ever will prevail

5. As a sign for Thur to see
I wear his hammer on me
Proudly round my neck I wear
A small hammer that I bear
Hammer of Thur, swung for me
Let me shield myself with thee.

To the tune of the 1763 hymn “Rock of Ages” by Augustus Montague Toplady and melody by Thomas Hastings.

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