Eosturmonaþ – a Blot for Eostre

This blot is intended to be performed around Easter for Eostre. It is an updated version that will divide my old Eostre ritual into two rituals. This part is for Eostre.

May the gods guide us,
May our oaths keep us,
May our deeds free us,
May our ancestors aid us always.
May the gods banish from this land and wood all ill and wrong,
Hallow this space, shield this area from all baneful wights,
Let the gods’ blessing be over our heads!

(Light central fire)

Our ancestors were loath to give up their traditions, their rituals. In many ways they were more tied to them than they were to the gods themselves because while they turned their back on the gods over time, they maintained some of their traditions. We come together to celebrate Eostre, the goddess whose name is still borne by the celebration of Easter.

Eostre is the goddess of the returning spring, the goddess of the dawn, the goddess of the east, the goddess of the growing season. She comes and goes, spending half of the year above and half of the year below. Her return brings renewal and life, and this is her season.

To thee, Frumleoht, first light, Hail!
To thee, Blostmbaerende, blossom bearer, Hail!
To thee, Beomoder, mother of bees, Hail!
To thee, radiant daughter of the Earth and Sky, Hail!
Hail to thee, Eostre.[i]

Giddy are the spring hares in the field
Joyful songs heard from birds in the trees
Flowers spring forth to be visited by bees
The land quickens, new green crops to yield

All that grows does so while Eostre is here
And when she leaves, so too leaves the light
So too do the birds end their song and take flight
And without her the leaves fall and disappear

We awaken like dawn breaking on the night
Wake up and remember the herald of the day
Wake up and remember the goddess Eostre
Wake up and step into the goddess’ light

Eostre has returned to us! Too long gone
In her absence the world was dark and dim
In her absence the land was gray and grim
Eostre has returned to us the glowing dawn

Look and see the signs of Eostre all around
Leaves spring from the trees, green and new
Beautiful flowers spring forth in every hue
Green grows again from once bare ground

Eostre, we are thankful for your return
By you our world is once more renewed
We here are gathered to offer in gratitude
You have gifted us, so we gift to you in turn

Eostre, we gather together to celebrate and give thanks for your renewal of the earth, for the return of the dawn and for the gift of rebirth you have brought to this land. We bring an offering of mead, the gift of the bees and of flowers, thanks for this go to Eostre. Enjoy and savor the honeyed drink and hail to Eostre as you will.

(With filled Horn)
Take this horn of mead and think on the green and growing earth.

(Pour the remaining mead into the bowl)

May you take with you from this green field all the growing blessings of spring
(Mark with ᛒ rune)

From the gods, to the earth, to us
From us, to the earth, to the gods
(Pour offering)
A gift has been given, may it be well received

So let it be.

[i] I have taken these contemporary bynames from the Larhus.

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